Another $1,000 Daytrade in Crude Oil

crude-cloudWe had another amazing trading session this past Wednesday, with a daytrade short in Crude Oil Futures that profited at least $1,200 in under an hour.

Crude oil has been quite volatile & liquid recently so we’ve been focused on taking advantage of these very tradeable market conditions.

To get a feel for how we trade at CloudChartist Premium, watch the videos and look at the entries I called out during the trading day.

Starting the Day

Right before the market opened, I sent out a video talking about what is going on in the Crude market on multiple timeframes. I use Ichimoku Charts to help identify the overall trend and levels that can be traded.

Watch the premarket video here:

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A Quick Followup

After a little selloff, I talked about the trend deterioration that continued to go on in crude oil and what I was looking for next. I had already been short CL but my profit stop was hit, so I was looking to re-enter on a bounce.

Watch the followup video here:

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A Mid-Day Trade Alert

I noticed that CL was being rejected to the upside pretty regularly this morning but certain levels brought in some buyers or short covering “bursts.”

Looking over the various timeframes I decided shorting the hourly cloud was a high probability set up so I sent a trade alert out to my premium twitter feed.

Untitled 2

And posted this chart:


I warned traders that the cloud was very thin above and there was a risk price could blast through such thin resistance.

At 1:53 I was filled:

Untitled 3

Price spiked to my level and I continued to scale in at 75.38, knowing that a close over the hourly cloud would take me out of the trade.

Here was the alert from the chat room:

Untitled 6

Crude  proceeded to reverse and sell off, I put in a profit stop. Profit stops are a key element in my trading. I do not like to give back profits!


Just a few minutes later my trade objective was met and I was filled on the cover limit order.

Untitled 4

Here is the chart showing the entry and exit levels we took, showing the Ichimoku elements defining the trade:


CloudChartist Premium members were given the key levels, entries and exits real time throughout the day.

By trading only 2 contracts, the total profit on this trade was at least $1,240 within 30 minutes.

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