34-Yr Veteran Chicago Floor Trader describes his positive experience with CloudPremium

floortradersAbout Cloud Chartist Trading Room:

I have been a trader for some 34 years.  I use to be on the trading floor in Chicago and traded various products. In the last two years I have moved off the trading floor to trading from home.

I have used technical analysis since 1983. I started with point and figure charts and eventually move into Japanese candle sticks. Over the years I used Fibonacci and other methods for creating my trading plan each day.

Two years ago I began studying Ichimoku Cloud analysis by reading various books. I also did back testing to see if it was viable indicator. As time went by I found it to be a useful trend indicator for my trading because it was so visual to catch trends on a long term bases.

In time though I wanted to learn how to use the Ichimoku cloud on a short and long term bases for my trading.

I began following @CloudChartist on twitter, and following  the trades in Crude oil and S&P Futures she was making, and began to see the success of her trades on a short term bases using Ichimoku cloud.

Within a short time I realized I was learning how to use Ichimoku on a short term bases and long term bases because of her trading and screen shots see would show on Twitter for reasons of placing a profitable trade.

Back in December of 2014 The Cloud Chartist opened up a trading room in which one could see her real-time, live trading. I immediately signed up for the trading room.

What I have found since being in the trading room is the live active trading information has been very profitable but the best value of the room is the education I have received from The Cloud Chartist herself.

I am now a confidant trader using Ichimoku Cloud indicator. The amount of information, analysis and education that The Cloud Chartist offers in the trading room is worth all the money and more and will pay for itself easily each month.

As a trader for so many years I always prided myself on learning first and trading second. The Cloud Chartist Premium Trading Room will give you that foundation and confidence using the Ichimoku Cloud.

I recommend becoming a part of the trading room and believe in its future of success because of The Cloud Chartist.

The Ichimoku Cloud indicator is very visual trading indicator and is easy to use and The Cloud Chartist will help you attain success using Ichimoku Cloud indicator.

Jeff Latham


The Cloud Chartist Premium Trading Room

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