Powerful New Trading Service That Discovers Hidden Profits In the Clouds

Have You Ever Had These Problems In Your Trading?

  • Getting stopped out right as the market reverses back in your favor
  • Attempting a "cute" countertrend trade that becomes much riskier than you had thought
  • Choosing the wrong asset that isn't moving and getting chopped around in that market
  • Not scaling out so that your profitable trade turns into a painful loss

If any of these things have happened to you... they've probably happened more than once.

And it can be incredibly frustrating, because no matter how much work you put in with reading the market, the same mistakes pop up time and time again.

What if I told you that you could eliminate these problems?

... that your entries will always give you the best risk and reward?

... that your exits and stops are always smarter than what everyone else is doing?

... that your confidence would be at an all time high in a volatile market?

This is all very possible, and the solution is to change up your charts!

Too many traders think that the problem lies with them and their psychology.

But if your trading framework uses only a single timeframe and uses levels that are obvious to everyone else, you won't build any sort of edge in the markets.

The dirty little secret is: the high frequency traders can use algorithms to figure out where the most obvious levels are in the market. Then they will gun your stops, get you out of the market, and then they reverse it back.

Our trading system uses a style of charts called "Ichimoku Kinyo Hyo."


Introducing... Ichimoku Charts

Ichimoku charts allow you to clearly identify the trend on multiple timeframes, and find the best levels to enter a trade. It enhances Japanese candlestick charting to find imbalances in price that give you a distinct and actionable edge in your trading.

Here's a Look at Ichimoku Charts in Action

The Setup

Crude oil had been strong during the overnight and morning sessions, which was a countertrend move. There was clear resistance in Crude as it headed into 75.30, and was a great place to put on a low risk short trade.

Introducing... Ichimoku Charts

The Entry

Off of that resistance area, a short oil position was initiated. The trade setup was discussed and alerted to CloudChartist members.

The Profits

As expected, crude sold off aggressively back to its premarket range. We were able to take 62 ticks out of the market, which is a profit of at least $1,240 within 30 minutes of starting the trade.

Trading with Ichimoku charts can seem intimidating at first, but once you learn how to read the charts and find the best entries, you’ll be confident in your new system and the profits that are coming in…

… but it will take time for you to get over the learning curve and adjust to the new charts.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get over that learning curve quickly?

If you could get a world class futures trading education and gain real world profits at the same time?

If you could trade alongside trading professionals that use Ichimoku charts every single day?

Good news! That’s why we’re here.

Here's How CloudChartist Premium Can Make You a Confident, Profitable, and Happy Trader

CloudChartist Premium gives you the education and real world experience to successfully read Ichimoku charts and profitably trade using simple analysis techniques.

Here is a member that has already taken his trading to the next level.


I have been studying daytrading for 1 year. My biggest problem was that I hesitated to take trades. I used to watch a setup forming with good entry but I didn't take the trade when the time came.

Even when I entered a trade I didn't know when to exit. Sometimes a 30 tick profit would turn into a 100 tick loss.

With CloudChartist Premium, I am learning how to trade better and how to predict when to enter and exit a trade based on the trend.

Another benefit of being a CloudChartist Premium member is that trades are posted live for members to follow.

In each successful trade we make between 10 to 100 ticks per contract which covers the monthly fee in one trade.

I suggest everyone who wishes to learn how to trade and profit with Ichimoku Charts to join our community.

- KalKalTrader

What You Will Get When You Become a Member:

  • A Trader Chat Room

    Join us during the trading day to find the best trades in this market. You’ll be able to see what the Cloud Chartist is trading during the day, as well as ask questions and have a supportive community.

  • Access to a Premium Twitter Feed

    Have trade alerts, entries, and exits called out real time during the trading day. You’ll also be able to ask questions directly to this private twitter account.

  • Direct Access to the Cloud Charitst

    Have questions about Ichimoku charts or a particular trade setup? You’ll be able to get guidance directly so you can trade the stock and futures market confidently and with no fear.

  • Video Trade Archives

    Look through past trades that show the setup, entry, and exit. You will learn a ton as the past setups will give you training on how to trade Ichimoku charts.

About the CloudChartist

Melissa has been trading financial markets since 1990, full time since 2009. She has dedicated more than 10,000 hours to the study of price action as it relates to the Ichimoku system and  using her system to trade Futures, Equities & Options both intraday and on a swing basis.

When she is not trading she is likely doing yoga, cooking or working on her latest art project.

Here Are Questions You May Have About the Service...

Do you make live calls in the market with stops, entries, and exits?

Yes, I make live calls. I make the calls as I trade my account with my own risk management.

I give my limit orders to exit the trade, updating them in real time should I decide to change them.

I give stops if I see clear stops in the setup based on my charts, but I believe stops are a function of account size so I don’t use “fixed tick” stops.

What vehicles do you trade?

I trade futures in:

  • Crude Oil CL
  • S&P 500 ES
  • Bonds ZB
  • Dollar DX
  • Nikkei NKD
  • Silver SI
  • Euro 6E
  • Coffee KC
  • Corn ZC
  • … and more!

The first three (CL, ES, ZB) are the most actively traded but it depends on what the markets are offering.

I also trade options on high beta stocks such as AAPL, FB, and TWTR.

How many trades do you take per day?

It varies depends on market conditions, but I am very active when the markets are more volatile.

How long is the trading room open?

The room technically never closes but it’s officially open from 8 AM to 4 PM. If there is action during the Asian open I’ll check in then, too.

Do You Offer a Trial of Any Kind?

Our membership is done on a month-to-month basis with no contracts. So if you feel that your trading style is different, you can simply cancel at the end of the month. If you trade futures I believe you can easily take enough out of the market to make back the subscription cost.

Do you use any other indicators besides Ichimoku?

I believe price action is king and is what drives Ichimoku charts. Since Ichimoku charts are an extension of candlestick analysis, I belive understanding how to read candlesticks are important too. I also use Fibonacci levels, although my techniques are different than most.

Here is What Others Are Saying About the Cloud Chartist...

"Your weekly review of the indexes and futures based on the Ichimoku cloud is awesome to get a macro technical view of the markets, and helps me stay on the right side"

"Not only do you provide good trades but you explain your thought process behind it. This way you aren't just taking the trade but I'm learning from it, too. Over the past few months you have been a great support and teacher. Your weekly emails help me out plan my trades for the week. Thank you!"

"THE Ichimoku expert. Very approachable and will respond in an elaborate way to the most simple of questions and very selflessly shares her knowledge. I have asked her a multitude of trading and Ichimoku questions and she has gone as far as making a video specifically to my question and sharing it with me to explain the concept. Amazing person all around."

"The Cloud Chartist is a real master at trading at both trading and explaining Ichimoku."

"You are an insightful trader with a huge edge on short term trades."

"You have taught me how to use the Ichimoku cloud on a different level and it has allowed me to profit in all phases using the cloud. Thank you very much."

"The Cloud Chartist is one of the best traders out there. Her approach to the markets using the Ichimoku system is simple and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone looking for transparent and live coverage of the charts. Her results will back her."

"Her insight on market direction has kept me on the right side of the price action."

Ready to Become a Member? Here's What to do next...

What You Get as a CloudChartist Member...

  • A Trader Chat Room
  • Trade Alerts Through a Premium Twitter Feed
  • Direct Access to the Cloud Chartist
  • Educational Video Trade Archives

For only $149 per month, or...

  • Only a 3 point profit on the ES futures
  • Just 15 ticks in Crude Oil futures
  • A whopping 5 ticks in the ZB market
  • A simple 4 point move in AAPL

Your membership payment is processed through Infusionsoft, which uses 128 bit AES encryption. The merchant account is through FirstData, a world-leading credit card processor.

Once your order has been processed, our system will generate a password for your account. You will receive an email with your login credentials, and you will be able to instantly access the member's trading room.